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From wanting to add a touch of elegance, creating a more modern and contemporary feel, or constructing a timeless and classic atmosphere shutters offer a diverse variety of options to help us to achieve the look and feel that looks and feels like the best fit for you and your home. Wood shutters have been known to withstand varying temperatures and weather types and last longer than blinds and shades in any condition and have been increasing in popularity over the years. From beach houses by the Pacific Ocean, to suburbs and valleys, and even in the desert there are many different reasons why they all choose wood shutters.

At USSB we take pride in manufacturing our shutters, frames, and louvers in-house. Utilizing stainless steel hardware and investing in equipment that builds quality into our processes. Our simple offering of shutters enables very small variations which provides high output due to repeatable process output. This efficiency allows us to have minimal change over time and during production.


Provides great insulation with:



Clearview shutters provide a more unobstructed view, and adds to the beauty of you home with its simplistic and modern design.
Tilt Rod shutters are a more classic and traditional option that allows users to open and close louvers by utilizing the rod itself. Any type of shutter (clearview/ tilt rod) can benefit from having split control. Split control allows users to use sections of a shutter independently of each other, providing light on top, while maintaining privacy on the bottom.
Divider Rails are a stylistic addition to split control shutters. They add elegance as well as reinforces the shutter panel for additional strength and durability. Adding a bell curve to your shutters instantaneously transforms them from good to great. Bell curves’ unique design will surely make your shutters and home stand out.

Instead of having shutters that open out left and right and consuming space on both sides of an opening the Bi-Fold shutter panels fold right next to each taking up half the space in relation to standard shutters. Bi-Fold shutters are also a great option for closet doors, room separators and patio doors.


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