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MAY 6, 2017

So, you have bought your dream house. What’s next? You now want to decorate it in a way such that everything from upholstery to furniture and to color scheming reflects your unique personality. Although there are many ways you can cover up your windows, but the best option are window shades. 

Protection from harmful UV rays

What with factors like global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to provide a place where they can be free from the vicious glare of the harmful UV rays. Investing in some quality shades can do just that for you by blocking out the UV rays, and protecting you and your family. 

Providing insulation 

Shades provide excellent insulation, thereby allowing you to save precious energy and related bills. If shades are properly installed, they trap heat and air in the space between the window and the shades. This way they minimize loss and gain of heat. In particular, roman shades and quilted roller shades provide the most insulation and air control.

Permitting maximum control of sunlight exposure and heat

In line with the previous point, shades offer you the most control over the level of sunlight and heat you want to let inside your house. Especially, with motorized shades you can control all this with just a touch of a button.

Can be used anywhere

Shades come in designs that are suitable for just about any room, be it a bedroom, a patio or a kitchen. You can be sure to find a shade to go with the rest of the theme of the room, while also adding an elegant and classy touch.

Offer the most variety

The latest trends as far as home decorating is concerned involve minimalist designs and less gaudy patterns and color scheming. Shades give you the most variety in terms of colors, patterns and transparencies.

US Shutters and Blinds offers Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Dual (Neolux) Shades, Privacy Shades, Blackout Shades, Bamboo or Woven Shades.

Apart from a wide array of designs and colors, they also give you complete control over the level of sunlight you want to let inside your house, by choosing your desired transparency options and offering you light-filtering controls.

On top of this, you also have an option of selecting between manual or motorized shades. In short, they are the perfect fit for people with all tastes and requirements.

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MAY 5, 2017

Beautiful homes don’t just happen. You build them with love, dedication, and hard work. From picking the perfect paint to choosing the matched setting to beautiful window coverings everything demands your full attention. We have all got some fantasy of how our dream home looks like. Some of us like to have a nice pool or a big garden or a perfect window to have a charming outdoor view.

No matter what your dream home looks like, some of the most beautiful houses have the finest window coverings that give an absolutely luxurious touch to the whole interior.

Window coverings give a whole new look to the house. This can take many different forms from drapes, curtains, shades, shutters to blinds. No matter what window covering you go for but a right curtain, shade, shutter or blind could turn any window into a stunning focal point.


Make your home stand out with elegant shutters and enhance the aesthetics of any room with just a little effort. Decorating with the old rusty shutters is quite in fashion these days. If you want to give your home a shabby charm there is no better way than decorating with a whole lot of beautiful old shutters. They look both vintage and fancy at the same time. There are many other ways you can add up shutters to any room and make it look absolutely ravishing. Bring your own ideas or let our experts do their magic!


Blinds have been the most practical and efficient window treatment for houses and offices for a long time. There is a list to consider before ordering blinds for your place. Light control, privacy and, of course, style is the key. Choosing the perfect blinds that suit your place the best becomes easy with us. Windows come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From bay windows, corner windows to skylights we know how to make it look perfect. Take a look at the hot picks of the season at our website and choose the prettiest to upgrade your house.


Shades are one of the super versatile window treatment options. They are perfect to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom or living room. Here is everything you need to know about the practical yet stylish type of shades. A shade is a cylinder of fabric that rolls up at the top of the window and is operated either by a sidewinder chain or a spring-loaded cordless mechanism. Shades come in a variety of colors, designs, and fabrics. A shade is up to 180cm wide come with a choice of two operating systems- a sidewinder chain or a spring-loaded cordless option. Wider windows over 180cm are available with a sidewinder only. All these come with child safety devices to make sure you are at the comfort with regards to your kids’ safety.



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APRIL 30, 2017

Getting the right window treatment for your home is pretty much essential. It can change the overall look of your interior, is comfortable and ensures maximum privacy. Window treatments are extremely versatile that range from drapes and curtains to blinds and shades. They add a touch of elegance to any space from bedrooms to living rooms and make windows look bigger and brighter. They also hide all sorts of unattractive window castings and block unnecessary sunlight, while allowing filtered sunlight to pass through. They even lower your electricity bills considerably.

The practicality and usefulness of blinds couldn’t be denied. It’s important to follow the right steps in choosing, purchasing and installing. Getting new blinds for your windows is a long-term investment. Taking good care of them ensures they last longer. It requires little time and diligence to make them look great for the years to come.

Following some simple do’s and don’ts can make sure you are going in the right direction whether you choose custom-made or ready-made blinds. Like getting the samples first to make sure they are exactly like you imagined and they suit well to the window etc. Take measurements of the window precisely. Keep all the tools ready with you for installation. Ask for help from your family or friend. Keep in mind the safety and security of you and your co-worker to avoid any accidents.

Now, as far as selection is considered. Choosing pre-cut blinds could have a lot of disadvantages. The blinds and shades found on the shelf are made according to some specific and selected sizes. The sizes are the most popular window sizes, so one would think that they will work in every situation. The fact is that a 30” x 60” window might not allow a 30” x 60” pre-cut window shade. The reason is basic. The frame for that window is going to reduce the opening to some degree. That means that the standard blind size will be too wide for an inside mount, and too small for an outside mount.

Custom-made blinds are made keeping your requirements in mind. They are cut according to the size of your window provided by you or taken by an expert. They are easily installed and provide 100 percent satisfaction. There are plenty of options to choose from such as color to design, all of which are according to your choice and taste. Custom blinds are guaranteed to meet the needs and preferences of the homeowner. Every single unit is tailor-made to fit the height and width of the window where it will be placed. Because of this, a perfect-looking window can be achieved every time.

So, in the race of custom-made blinds vs pre-cut blinds, custom-made blinds are the clear winner! Because who doesn’t like custom-made things according to their own needs and necessities. Additionally, you can select the color according to your theme and size according to the size of your window plus you can choose the fabric. On the other hand, pre-cut blinds don’t offer as many varieties especially in the type and quality of the fabric used.

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MAY 3, 2017

Who doesn’t want a house that looks well maintained from outside and feels comfortable to live in from inside? Window shutters can make a big difference. They provide privacy, protection, ventilation, sunlight control and give your house a unique and modern look. With so many uses, window shutters have become a necessity and not just an option.


No doubt, interior shutters are attractive and practical. The look of your house can be completely transformed with the help of window shutters. Wood shutters provide a simpler yet contemporary look to the house. The wide variety of colors, style and patterns that are available in shutters help you decorate your room according to any theme.


Interior shutters not only add to the beauty of the house but also make life more practical and easy. What makes one feel comfortable in one’s own house is the environment. Interior shutters allow you to adjust that environment according to your desire. It allows the right amount of sunlight to enter into a room. Want to maintain a shady environment in your house? Simply keep the shutters close. Thus, interior shutters play a significant role in the functionality and appeal of the home.


For people living in areas where the temperature remains high especially in summers, shutters would be the best option to cover windows. Shutters allow air to ventilate through the house. Moreover, you can easily adjust shutters to let fresh air flow into your house whenever you want. Wood shutters are considered best in this regard. Their ability to insulate has made them even more popular.


Interior shutters are one of the most economical ways to cover the windows. Years ago, shutters were considered to be one of the most expensive items but not anymore. Shutters installation cost is also very reasonable. These affordable shutters also cut the air conditioning and heating cost as they keep the houses cool in summers and warm in winters. The maintaining cost of interior shutters is also very low.


Window shutters are among the only few options to cover windows that have a long life. Unlike drapes and curtains that require being changed every few years or are easily torn within few years, shutters usually are more durable. Once good quality shutters are installed, no need to worry about changing them for years. Another good thing is that they do not go out of trend; therefore you won’t need to change your shutters every few years. Wood shutters are especially good in this regard. They last even longer than other interior shutters.


Window shutters are the perfect choice for those who suffer from allergies like dust or pollen allergy. Shutters keep the environment clean and healthy. Most interior shutters are designed in such way that the panels of the shutter capture the dust allowing only clean air to flow in. Unlike dust-filled curtains and blinds, interior shutters are easy to clean.

For all these reasons and many more, no doubt, shutters are the right choice for your home. Window shutters are simple but very beneficial and trendy. They are the most versatile window furnishing available and thus everyone must consider getting shutters installed in their homes.

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APRIL 14, 2017

Wood shutters have been increasing in popularity over the years and even more rapidly in California. From beach houses by the Pacific Ocean, to suburbs and valleys, and even in the desert there are many different reasons why they all choose shutters.

The first and most obvious reason is wood shutter’s durability. Wood shutters have been known to withstand varying temperatures and weather types and last longer than blinds and shades in any condition. Another big factor that plays into shutters popularity is its ability to insulate. California weather can range from over 100 degrees to single digits and the thickness of solid wood combats extreme temperatures like no other. Because of this shutters are considered an energy efficient home product that can save homeowners money on their AC and heater bills as well as increase home value.

Wood shutters are also hypo-allergenic, they have many flat clean surfaces that make it difficult for dust to accumulate on versus blinds and shades. This makes shutters a more sanitary choice as well as a low maintenance one because shutters require you to do very little to clean them.

Another trend that is also increasing in popularity is minimalistic decor. The simpleness of shutters fit in well with this current trend but is versatile and can be customized to cater to many different tastes.

Personally, shutters had the upper hand when I was deciding which window treatments I wanted in my home. First of all I have pretty bad allergies, a little dust or pollen and I’m set off so in that aspect shutters were a clear choice. I’m also a bit lazy and the fact that blinds need to be restrung every few years really put me off. That only thing that made me a little apprehensive was that I love the look of drapes. They make a room look more open and airy and I knew I needed them in my home, then as I was making my decision I came across a few photos of drapes and shutters and was blown away. The way that the structured shutters complimented the flowing nature of the drapes incorporated everything that I loved about each window treatment.

As a Californian I knew I can’t Imagine having anything but shutters to shield me from our high temperatures and with the arrival of summer am grateful that I have mines up and ready to go.

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APRIL 16, 2017

Most people that have apprehensions about wood shutters are concerned that there will be water damage when placed in bathrooms, kitchen or areas that are exposed to water and moisture. Most shutter companies will have two solutions to that: faux wood blinds or vinyl shutters.

Faux wood blinds are a great frugal alternative to shutters, and with vinyl shutters you don’t have to compromise the look of shutters for water resistant capabilities. However vinyl shutters longevity and durability definitely mirrors their price point.

Poly shutters however, which are a little more difficult to find and a bit more expensive, look and feel identical to solid wood shutters and have superior water resistant capabilities compared to vinyl. Poly shutters can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms to ease any consumer’s doubts.

When introduced to poly, because it is of a higher price point, customers think they need it for their whole home, but should they? The answer is no, poly is great and durable but so is solid wood and to pay a higher price to get water resistant throughout your home is not necessary.

Things that you do need to keep an eye out for however, is if the “wood” a company is trying to sell you is composite or solid. Solid wood, if correctly painted and sealed can hold up to water and moisture fairly well however composite because it is made of wood chips bound together is terrible when exposed to moisture.

Being a more educated and conscious consumer can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Know what you like and what your home and home’s location needs. Therefore knowing you need water resistant window treatments and knowing all the options that are out there, such as poly, will guarantee you’re not settling for mediocre products.

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APRIL 10, 2017

Regardless of the type of window treatment or rather treatments you have in your home, they require some sort of upkeep to last you a long time. Whether you have window shades, shutters, curtains,drapes or blinds, each of the window coverings need to be cleaned somewhat regularly. What’s ironic is that as important as the maintenance of window coverings is for their longevity, it is also time consuming process, often overlooked due to a hundred other responsibilities.

We at US Shutters and Blinds have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that not only our customers receive the best product available in the market, but also that they are able to care for their window treatments in the correct, hassle free, way. Hence we’ve put together a cleaning and maintenance guide full of handy tips and techniques to clean all the various types of window coverings.

Window shutters, whether they are Plantation shutters, Board and Batten, Cut out Shutters, Raised Panel ones, Shaker, California, or Café style, all are a long-term investment and need to be maintained as such. Window shutters have the potential to last for as long as 5 or even 7 years if they’re treated correctly.

There are numerous ways of keeping the window shutters looking their absolute best. What’s better about that is that each way, is easier than the last. We guarantee it; this is no back-breaking work. All these shutters need to be clean and shiny is a few minutes of your time every other weekend.

To begin, you’ll need a microfiber duster, or a feather duster. Brush along the panes of the blinds and remove the tiny dust particles with the barest flick of your hands. Regular cleaning avoids dust and dirt from accumulating and requiring greater efforts.

In case you have greater buildups of dust, use a dust brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to quickly return your shutters to looking nice and clean. However, if you really have not had the chance to tackle your spring cleaning yet, we suggest using a damp cloth to scrub out the dust, using a toothbrush to get those hard-to- reach areas, following it up with a nice wipe-down with a dusting cloth (only if you have plastic or faux wood shutters – we wouldn’t recommend water anywhere near your wooden shutters).

Curtains or drapes are the most elegant of window covering choices. They completely transform a room, giving it a chic look regardless of whether they are sheer, lace, beaded or made of heavy fabrics such as velvet. However, as beautiful as the drapes are, they can be a real headache to clean. What’s good about them though is that they can survive very on quarterly deep cleaning and weekly maintenance cleanings.

Lace or sheer curtains or drapes are the lightest in weight and the most prone to looking drab and dirty in a matter of weeks. To avoid the collection of dirt, be sure to run the dust attachment of the vacuum through them at least once a week and to give them a good scrub and wash at least once every couple of months. Avoid throwing them in the washer to prevent from damaging them and instead hand scrub them in a sink brimming with cold water and some liquid washing detergent. Remove and wash one panel at a time and hang on the laundry line to dry completely before returning them to their place on the road.

Not all thick garment fabrics are meant to be washed at home. Some of them, for example, most velvet types, are only meant to be dry-cleaned by professionals. Be sure to ask the window covering specialist the proper cleaning techniques for the heavier drapes at the time of installation to prevent any mishaps in the future. If they are washable, remove the curtains from the hardware and give them a good shake to remove most of the clinging dust and dirt. Wash the panels on a cold setting in your washing machine and dry with a low-heat setting. Avoid leaving the curtains crumpled or folded and re-hang them immediately to avoid unsightly wrinkles.

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APRIL 11, 2017

When a new year rolls around we take it as an opportunity for change; clothing, hair, diet, home. And with a new year comes new trends. Home renovation is an industry that is constantly changing and creating new and exciting ideas to help better homes and lives. When a new year rolls around we take it as an opportunity for change; clothing, hair, diet, home. And with a new year comes new trends.

Home renovation is an industry that is constantly changing and creating new and exciting ideas to help better homes and lives. With a little research we’ve compiled a few things that may help you and your home in 2017. Goodbye crazy patterns and colors and hello black, white, grey, and light wood stains, minimalistic styles and trends are on the rise. Everything from our technology to fashion takes minimalism into consideration and it’s about time that it’s translated into our home and home lives.

With a rise of population is big cities there is a decline in space and places like New York and LA are seeing smaller and smaller living areas. Because of this furniture is becoming more clean cut and multifunctional, couches now can convert not only to beds but whole dining sets to save space. 2017 will be seeing a whole lot more of furniture that is custom designed to appropriately complement the spaces it occupies. You can begin your 2017 home remodel by removing the oversized furniture in your home that threatens to overwhelm and crowd your living space.

The Return of Wallpapers and Wall Tape Wallpapers were huge in the late 1900s. With the redesign of wallpapers and the rise of apartment and home rentals vs ownership, inhabitants are turning to wallpaper as an easy and non permanent way to spruce up their living spaces. As an easier alternative, to large wallpapers and through the influence of pinterest, washi tape (a decorative often patterned tape) is used to accent furniture and walls for an added pop of color.

Eco-Friendly Green Newly renovated homes across the globe will be seeing a lot of rejuvenating, eco-friendly bright green incorporated in their interior décor this year. With ‘Greenery’ being named Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, walls, upholstery, bed spreads, and even accessories and furniture pieces used to decorate a home will be seen in this bright color. This year’s choice of color is said to represent vibrancy, revitalizing fresh foliage, a sort of like a breath of fresh air in considerably dark economic and political times for the world, according to Pantone. The inclusion of this color in the interior décor of our homes this year will be homage to Mother Nature, bringing cheer and brightness into all our lives.

Intertwining Technology Fitting the advancing technological times, the top home remodeling trends of 2017 includes effectively intertwining technology with the coolest gadgets and appliances within our homes. There will be a lot of hands-free faucets, high-tech showers, motorized window treatments, voice activated appliances and bots that will be seen and used throughout homes this year.  There will also be a surge in the use of voice-activated home assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa. These devices will effectively transform your house into a truly smart home by continuously listening for commands in a dormant state. When activated, the device can perform actions like switching the electronic gadgets on or off, playing songs, powering up the hot tub, adjusting the shower programming or changing the light settings.

Remodeled Escapism A complete contrast to the trend mentioned above, another that is surely making rounds in the latest home architecture is small, cozy nooks and crannies throughout a home. 2017 will see a lot of homeowners seeing home remodels where little escape corners will be added and made comfortable to allow them to escape from the fast paced technology.

Architects are increasingly being asked to incorporate digital distraction free havens within a home’s layout that will allow the occupants to seek the much needed peace, quiet, and tranquility that is devoid form our increasingly rushed lives. These nooks are designed to mimic the look and feel of a sanctuary from the outside world. The touch of escapism is likely to be embellished with comfortable décor and furnishings to complete the look. Wood panels, comfortable seating with floor cushions or sofas, day beds or oversized love seats in warm deep colors are the most common choices to consider.

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