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APRIL, 2017

Window Treatments
Home Remodeling

Getting the right window treatment for your home can be essentially the most important aspect to put together the entire look of the home. It can change the overall look of your interior, is comfortable and ensures maximum privacy.

Window treatments are extremely versatile that range from drapes and curtains to blinds and shades. They add a touch of elegance to any space from bedrooms to living rooms and make windows look bigger and brighter. They also hide all sorts of unattractive window castings and block unnecessary sunlight, while allowing filtered sunlight to pass through. They even lower your electricity bills considerably.

The practicality and usefulness of blinds couldn’t be denied. It’s important to follow the right steps in choosing, purchasing and installing. Getting new blinds for your windows is a long-term investment. Taking good care of them ensures they last longer. It requires little time and diligence to make them look great for the years to come.


Custom Blinds Living Area

Custom Blinds – Upstairs Living Area

Photograph by US Shutters and Blinds

Following some simple do’s and don’ts can make sure you are going in the right direction whether you choose custom-made or ready-made blinds. Like getting the samples first to make sure they are exactly like you imagined and they suit well to the window etc. Take measurements of the window precisely. Keep all the tools ready with you for installation. Ask for help from your family or friend. Keep in mind the safety and security of you and your co-worker to avoid any accidents.

Now, as far as selection is considered. Choosing pre-cut blinds could have a lot of disadvantages. The blinds and shades found on the shelf are made according to some specific and selected sizes. The sizes are the most popular window sizes, so one would think that they will work in every situation. The fact is that a 30” x 60” window might not allow a 30” x 60” pre-cut window shade. The reason is basic. The frame for that window is going to reduce the opening to some degree. That means that the standard blind size will be too wide for an inside mount, and too small for an outside mount.

Custom-made blinds are made keeping your requirements in mind. They are cut according to the size of your window provided by you or taken by an expert. They are easily installed and provide 100 percent satisfaction. There are plenty of options to choose from such as color to design, all of which are according to your choice and taste.

These custom blinds are guaranteed to meet the needs and preferences of the homeowner. Every single unit is tailor-made to fit the height and width of the window where it will be placed. Because of this, a perfect-looking window can be achieved every time.

Classic Custom Blidns

Photograph by US Shutters and Blinds

So, in the race of custom-made blinds vs pre-cut blinds, custom-made blinds are the clear winner! Because who doesn’t like custom-made things according to their own needs and necessities. Additionally, you can select the color according to your theme and size according to the size of your window plus you can choose the fabric. On the other hand, pre-cut blinds don’t offer as many varieties especially in the type and quality of the fabric used.

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