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APRIL, 2017

Window Treatments
Wood Shutters   Lifestyle

Wood shutters have been increasing in popularity over the years and even more rapidly in California. From beach houses by the Pacific Ocean, to suburbs and valleys, and even in the desert there are many different reasons why they all choose shutters.What’s ironic is that as important as the maintenance of window coverings is for their longevity, it is also time consuming process, often overlooked due to a hundred other responsibilities.

The first and most obvious reason is wood shutter’s durability. Wood shutters have been known to withstand varying temperatures and weather types and last longer than blinds and shades in any condition. Another big factor that plays into shutters popularity is its ability to insulate. California weather can range from over 100 degrees to single digits and the thickness of solid wood combats extreme temperatures like no other. Because of this shutters are considered an energy efficient home product that can save homeowners money on their AC and heater bills as well as increase home value.

Wood shutters are also hypo-allergenic, they have many flat clean surfaces that make it difficult for dust to accumulate on versus blinds and shades. This makes shutters a more sanitary choice as well as a low maintenance one because shutters require you to do very little to clean them.

Plantation Shutters – Bedroom

Photograph by US Shutters and Blinds

Another trend that is also increasing in popularity is minimalistic decor. The simpleness of shutters fit in well with this current trend but is versatile and can be customized to cater to many different tastes.

Photograph by US Shutters and Blinds

Shutters had the upper hand when I was deciding which window treatments I wanted in my home. First of all I have pretty bad allergies, a little dust or pollen and I’m set off so in that aspect shutters were a clear choice. I’m also a bit lazy and the fact that blinds need to be restrung every few years really put me off. That only thing that made me a little apprehensive was that I love the look of drapes. They make a room look more open and airy and I knew I needed them in my home, then as I was making my decision I came across a few photos of drapes and shutters and was blown away. The way that the structured shutters complimented the flowing nature of the drapes incorporated everything that I loved about each window treatment.

As a Californian I knew I can’t Imagine having anything but shutters to shield me from our high temperatures and with the arrival of summer am grateful that I have mines up and ready to go.

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